Well being Canal Appoints New Formal Proprietor In Efforts To Turn into World Chief In Medical Well being Information

GROVE CITY, Ohio, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health Canal, the fastest growing online health news publication, announced the appointment of Eric Pham As the new formal owner – this is in support of the company’s new objectives to provide health and medical content publishing to unapped audiences and global communities.

The positioning of Erik comes at a pivotal time, with the online publication now set to become a global leader in online medical news and reporting. Erik’s 10-year academic content expertise will aid in achieving this vision and will bolster the online publication’s current growth rate of 834.44%.

Now geared towards content publishing on a global scale for those not medically literate, Erik’s role will see the transformation of the publication’s content and with this, the consuming of medical information and news by global populations who up until now, have not been catered to by online medical providers and health reporters.

As the new formal owner of Health Canal, Eric Pham said, “After nearly a decade of curating academic content, I, together with the team, realized the difficulty for an audience to digest this type of information.”

He continued, “With this, we have changed the approach to content publishing with our core focus on public-friendly content, global-accessed health information, and understandable medical content that individuals from all backgrounds can consume.”

Erik boasts skills in advertising, entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, marketing, and social media marketing. With this, along with his strong media and communication skills, he will lead the Health Canal team to new heights. Now, stakeholders and investors will enjoy new growth and overall success.

On behalf of the Health Canal team, Kate BarringtonHealth and Fitness expert at Health Canal said, ”Under his leadership, I believe that Health Canal will continue to reach its fullest potential to become the leading online health publication. We are very pleased to have such a well-respected and trusted leader step into this position.”

Commenting on Health Canal’s mission to educate and inform, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide research for global disease protection and injury prevention of worldwide communities, Eric Pham concluded, “I’m excited for this opportunity to join the company’s board and contribute to the ongoing development of Health Canal.”

About Health Canal:

Health Canal is a premier online health news provider and publication. Since 2009, Health Canal has been dedicated to providing students, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators, and the public with health news and promotions that protect global populations. Offering medical research news, the latest health news, and medical breakthroughs, Health Canal will, in 2021, expand its resources to common health-related issues, wellness, and lifestyle not only US market but also reach out to Germanyand France.

For more information, please visit: https://www.healthcanal.com/ and for reference reviews about us here.

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