“LeBron James and Miami Warmth dropped $200,000 at a membership after torching Thunder”: how Dwyane Wade and firm went off following 2nd title in franchise historical past

LeBron James and the Miami Heat went all out during their 2012 championship celebrations, dropping $200,000 at the very least.

LeBron James Taking his talents to South Beach in the summer of 2010 was singlehandedly the biggest free agency decision in NBA history, right alongside Shaq’s in 1996. Him leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers left a sour taste in Dan Gilbert’s mouth and frankly, everyone else’s in ‘The Land ‘. James however, was busy winning championships.

Bron’s first year in Miami along with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade was deemed a failure as they were seen as a ‘title or bust’ type squad. The latter was unfortunately the case for them as Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks beat the Heat in 6 games to win their first ever title in franchise history.

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Fueled by a fire that had them urning for a title, the 2012 lockout season saw the Miami Heat beat the brakes off everybody in the regular season, survive a close call with the Boston Celtics, and eventually dismantle the young OKC Thunder core in 5 games in the NBA Finals.

What proceeded was the first time LeBron James would experience a celebration after having won an NBA title.

LeBron James and company dropped 200 stacks at a club in Miami.

Entering LIV cost $1,000 on its own and the party hadn’t even started yet. In total, LeBron James and the Miami Heat blew away $200,000 on the night at the very least and the champagne was totally not to blame for it (that was sarcasm, the champagne is almost always to blame for a hefty bill at the club).

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The ‘Ace of Spades’ super magnum-sized champagne that LIV had to offer went for about $75,000 a pop with 15 or so liters of it in total being available for all the guests to drink or get doused in.

The entirety of the Heat roster including guys like Shane Battier, Joel Anthony, and Udonis Haslem started pouring in around 2:30am of that night with the last guest being Chris Bosh who darn near came at sun-up at 4:30am.

Everything from LeBron James trying to sing to women with sticks on fire dancing around the club was at play on this night. All in all, the Miami Heat had their Miami moment following a much deserved title victory.

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