Bob Myers’ message to Joe Lacob in viral second after Gary Payton II harm

A lot happened in the opening minutes of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies.

Dillon Brooks was ejected from the game after a violent foul in transition on Warriors guard Gary Payton II, who suffered a fractured left elbow on the play. Warriors coach Steve Kerr would later say Brooks “broke the code,” three words that were shouted back and forth over the final four games of the heated series.

A few minutes later, Draymond Green had to walk into the locker room after taking an elbow to the face. He’d later return to the game, but the first quarter of Game 2 was a tense moment for all Warriors fans.

Amidst the madness, cameras at the game caught Warriors general manager Bob Myers walking over to team owner Joe Lacob to tell him a message. Naturally, Warriors fans began speculating on what could’ve been said in the exchange.

In an interview with Mark Medina of, Myers cleared things up and disclosed what he told Golden State’s team owner.

“Those are the hardest things,” Myers said. “Postseason injuries, I’ve been seeing too many of them. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been in a lot of playoff series. You’re going to have some good times and some adverse times.

“Hearing that Gary’s X-ray showed a chip in his elbow, it sucks. There’s nothing good about it. There’s no words that can help. It’s the players’ best time of their lives. To see Gary despondent and back in the locker room And hear he’s done for the game, series and more, those are tough moments. I was just explaining to Joe that Gary is done, and that it’s not good. Thankfully, there’s no surgery. Those moments are bad.”

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The Warriors haven’t ruled out a potential Payton return during the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, a series that begins Wednesday night at Chase Center.

Getting arguably the team’s best defender back on the floor at some point during the postseason run would be a huge win for the Warriors, especially considering the gravity of Payton’s injury.

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