Alabama basketball crew to take overseas tour this summer season

The Alabama men’s basketball team will take a foreign tour this year, head coach Nate Oats said during an appearance on The Basketball Podcast that aired Wednesday. Oats didn’t reveal the Crimson Tide’s destination but confirmed the tour will occur before the season.

Discussing quizzing players on Alabama’s terminology, Oats mentioned the summer trip.

“This year we’ve got a foreign tour,” Oats told host Chris Oliver. “We struggled a little bit off the board and out of timeouts last year, so we’re gonna start quizzing them right out of the gate with the practices we’ve got with the foreign tour this summer. … We need to go out and clean up our terminology. Every few years, we just sit down – does it make sense to call this? This would make sense now that we’ve got this in? We’re not running this a lot with our personnel.

“We’re gonna try to clean up our terminology here in the next few weeks.”

The last time Alabama participated in a foreign tour was prior to the 2017-18 season when it spent Aug. 4-11 in Canada. The Crimson Tide posted a 2-1 record in contests against McGill University (96-57), Carleton University (71-84) and the University of Ottawa (81-71).

NCAA rules allow a team to hold 10 days of practice before departing for a foreign tour, so UA will have invaluable practice time in Tuscaloosa ahead of leaving for its ultimate destination.

Alabama welcomes back five players from last year’s team, which includes guard Nimari Burnett who missed the entire 2021-22 season, but will have six newcomers entering the program this summer. With two roster spots left to fill, Oats and company are still scanning the transfer portal for shooters. There will be a lot of new pieces on the court for the Crimson Tide this upcoming season, which means extra practice time will be beneficial for this year’s team.

Oats told The Basketball Podcast that he is already setting expectations for the new players.

“I’m going around and meeting with our new guys coming in,” Oats said. “This is how we expect you to play. I thought we were one of the hardest-playing teams in the country in Year 2 with Herb Jones and that group leading the way. John Petty played hard, Primo played hard. We’re up 30-40 on teams and still being the first team to the floor for a loose ball. We weren’t as good at that stuff this year for whatever reason. So we’re letting everybody know when you come in next year, we’ve got video to show them. This is what we expect you to play like. By the way, this also how when the season’s on the line in the NBA they play like.

“Now, the NBA’s a little different when you’ve got 82 games. I get it. But the playoff intensity, when you lose and you go home, there’s a different intensity to those games. Everybody tends to crash a little harder. We’re putting together an edit on that stuff. Like this is how winning basketball is played, and this is what we expect out of you on a nightly basis here in college basketball.”

To listen to Oats’ full hour-long conversation with Basketball Immersion, CLICK HERE.

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